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BTJ T-shirts: lovingly hand-made

Every T-shirt is unique and lovingly hand-made by Bury & the Captain. The Youth and Culture Center Dynamo teached them to do screenprints.

When you buy one of this T-shirts you will help us to change the world by creativity! We will invest the money to support other creative people and to bury the Jumbo!

Check out the new shop.

Have a look at the photo shoot VIDEO of the T-shirts, too.

Let's Bury the Jumbo Boeing 747!

Let's explain BTJ to the designers

The Captain was attending a speech of Daniel Freitag. He talked about his "Geschäft" (not quite the same as business!), which is the company FREITAG

This event was presented by CreativeMornings and hosted by Tina Roth Eisenberg, better known as swissmiss.

Unconsciously, Daniel said something about BTJ's sustainability while explaining the expression cradle to cradle.
entrümpelung, räumung.

See more pictures of the event on flickr.

Let's Bury the Jumbo Boeing 747!

The Captain with swissmiss Tina Roth Eisenberg & Daniel Freitag

Let's explain BTJ to the Poles

The Captain is invited to a game of polo in Warsaw, Poland.

The organiser (Magdalene) is a friend of BTJ (and of the Captain). She offers him a VIP-ticket to join this event and to make some well-moneyed friends over there.

Let's Bury the Jumbo Boeing 747!

BTJ T-shirts: Prototypes

We have produced the prototypes of our BTJ-t-shirts.

For the beginning we produced approximately 20 unique shirts. You will have the possibility soon to buy them in our e-shop on this website. We will see, what people like most...and then we will hopefully produce hundreds. On this way we want to collect money to boost creativity and to bury the Jumbo.

As a special deal we offer to print the logo on your own piece of clothing. Contact us!

Let's Bury the Jumbo Boeing 747!

Socialising & recruiting

Bury & the Captain hit the nightlife. And hired a new member at the Club Zukunft (Zuki), Zurich.

Just to visualise: Imagine to spot a construction worker in a club. Followed by a captain. And the answer to the question, what's this all about: "we will bury a Jumbo-Jet"! A grand piece of entertainment.

Let's Bury the Jumbo Boeing 747!

Bury, Ramon (new member) and the Captain

photographer wanted

The first Bury the Jumbo-t-shirts will be produced, soon! You will find them on this website.

We are looking for a photographer who takes the pictures of these shirts.
The photographer can feel free to implement the shooting. We will promote his work here. And send him - as a creative contributor - the magnificent Black Pin!

Let's Bury the Jumbo Boeing 747!

BTJ T-shirts

To produce our own t-shirts we are looking for a fair production company. The Captain met Laura from the lable fashion slaves. She is a designer and works only with highly ecologically and sustainably manufactoring companies.

She is preparing an offer for BTJ.

Let's Bury the Jumbo Boeing 747!


Due to lack of money, we ask companies to sponsor Bury the Jumbo.

Here we got the answer of Swiss Re.

"(...)Wir haben die Anfrage eingehend geprüft und intern besprochen.
Ihr Projekt einer globalen Kulturförderung klingt sehr vielversprechend und
hat gute Voraussetzungen, sich als internationale Plattform für Künstler

Let's Bury the Jumbo Boeing 747!

Bury's solution for putting the logo on the "Bury the Jumbo Sacks"

Let's Bury the Jumbo Boeing 747!

Pink Monkey "Culture Edition", March 27

The label Pink Monkey presents its "Culture Edition" on March 27 2009 at Supermarket, Zurich. Bury talked to the initiator Mark to find out about some background information.

Bury the Jumbo will have its own platform to make promotion at this party.

To be on the guestlist and get free entry send e-mail with your name. All of you are invited to come and represent our commuinty.

Let's Bury the Jumbo Boeing 747!

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