Bury The Jumbo

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"We, Hänä and Laura, are a young composing collective from Zurich: Duo."

The artists have been told an idea or a word by the audience. After that they looked for some adequate sentences in a book (this time a book about the pastor Ernst Sieber). With this sentences they created a new poem.

My words have been: "Bury the Jumbo." What else.

Let's Bury the Jumbo Boeing 747!


Meeting Bartek Niziol, Violist

Bartek Niziol is one of the top violist on our wonderful planet earth.

I met him today after his concert Kammermusik-Lunchkonzert Franz Schubert, Streichquintett C-Dur D 956 at Tonhalle, Zurich.

Let's Bury the Jumbo Boeing 747!

Making of: Frances Belser

We have taken the first shots for the new, artistically video. Starring: Frances Belser.

Set 1: pole dancing. Zurich, Langstrasse.

Let's Bury the Jumbo Boeing 747!

mab the mover became Creative Contributor

Our Earlybird member mab the mover created stickers for Bury the Jumbo. 71% of our members decided the poll Bury the Jumbo Stickers with "provide draft". You find now the drafts on the right bottom of this page. Print them at home to a bonding sheet and use them to promote Bury the Jumbo (Check mab the mover).

Let's Bury the Jumbo Boeing 747!

Frances Belser for test pilot - Let's Bury the Jumbo Boeing 747!

Frances Belser offers her skills, actually her pure character to us. Check her links and become curious. There will be more to see here, soon!


Mark van Huisseling is waiting for Bury the Jumbo

Mark von Huisseling is a Swiss writer. He visits international events to interview celebrities.

I know we will be famous, too! That's why I asked him to write about Bury the Jumbo!

Bury the Jumbo on Ron Orp's Mail. Again!

For the first time Ron Orp's Mail offers the placement of video messages on its internet platform. The Captain and his Chef de Cabine took this opportunity to perform for "Das Letzte - Live".

Some time ago Bury the Jumbo was on Ron Orp's Mail already. Crick's comic, which tells the story of the origin of Bury the Jumbo, was published over several days on Ron Orp's Mail. After this starter the Captain himself welcomed Ron Orp's readers to Bury the Jumbo - in a very special way!

Let's Bury the Jumbo Boeing 747!

Bury the Jumbo on facebook

In may 2008 we created the group "bury it!" on facebook, a social utility. We kept the members up to date with the developement of Bury the Jumbo before we had our own internet platform.

For the reason of corporate communication we created a new group now named "Bury the Jumbo". Follow this link:


Let's Bury the Jumbo Boeing 747!


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