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FERTIG BLÖÖTERLET - Seifenblasen am 1. Mai 2014

Am 1. Mai wird an der Langstrasse erneut ein poetischer Schauplatz entstehen. Das Kollektiv Bury the Jumbo zielt wieder auf einen entspannten Nachmittag. Mit den zwei letztjährigen Aktionen

- The Balloons http://www.burythejumbo.com/node/577
- Urbane Herzbomber http://www.burythejumbo.com/node/593

ist es dem Kollektiv gelungen, die üblichen Erstmaibilder – Randalierer und Polizisten – durch farbenfrohe zu ersetzen.

Nachdem im ersten Jahr eine Guerilla-Aktion nötig war, um zwischen die Fronten zu gelangen, wurde die 2. Aktion schon im Vorfeld kommuniziert und von vielen begeisterten Akteuren unterstützt. Es gab Lob aus oberster Polizeistelle.

Dieses Jahr werden die Zuschauer auf der Strasse eine massgebliche Rolle in der Gestaltung der Aktion einnehmen. Bury the Jumbo wird für den Rahmen sorgen und mit dieser dritten und letzten Aktion die Regie für einen entspannten 1. Mail an die Bevölkerung abgeben.

FERTIG BLÖÖTERLET – das Kollektiv beschliesst somit ihre Mission, mit gezielten Aktionen die Leute aus dem alten 1. Mai-Trott zu holen. Es widmet sich wieder seinem übergoerdneten Ziel: der Begrabung eines Jumbo-Jets Boeing 747.


Urbane Herzbomber - Aktion 1. Mai 2013

We created a real poetic scene from within the virtual space. Our output has distracted people from their accustomed routine and spreaded happiness.



Am Samstag, 15 Juni ab 23:00 Uhr startet die VIDEO RELEASE & RADIOPARTY an der Badenerstrasse 565 (Amag Garage).

Dresscode: Jumbo-Style erwünscht, jedoch keine Pflicht.

Mach mit denn wird's läss!

Video Let's Bury the Jumbo in Tempelhof, Berlin

All about:

The former airport Tempelhof in Berlin would be a great place to bury the jumbo. That airport is situated in the city, where nice people are living and a lot of artists will help us. Which is why we want to present Berlin with a real Jumbo Jet Boeing 747. Therefore we need just a little bit of space on Tempelhof donated by Berlin. On the other hand BTJ is going to pay and organize everything else. What is more we will launch the BTJ FESTIVAL in Berlin every year, next to and in the Jumbo. Let’s promote this idea in Berlin by building up a new Jumbo Tail Fin (Measurement: 20 meters long and 10 meters wide).

Next steps:

  • Firstly we have to have the measurement of the tail fin. Which is why we are going to visit Dunsfold Aerodrome in Surrey (GB). There is a real Jumbo Jet on a test racetrack.
  • Secondly we build up a new tail fin in Switzerland.
  • Thirdly we are going to visit Berlin to attract people for the burial in Berlin. We are going to create poetic scenes with German artists. It will be phantastic. You are invited to join us.


Furthermore we need your support to build up the new tail fin and to do the performances. We kindly ask everybody for donations.

If you do have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us: bury@burythejumbo.com

Thank you very much.

Let's bury the Jumbo

Bury & Captain

The Police burnt our tail fin

After the police has destroyed our tail fin, the BTJ community decided to accuse the responsible cop.

The prosecutor wants to stop the proceedings. He says it's impossible to charge the accused cop.

Our point of view - this is just a blabla.

Read the NEWEST article in the newspaper Tages Anzeiger


Read the whole article here


May 1, 2012 Tele Züri report

1. Mai 2012 Radio 24 report


Congratulations to Oliver Fischer! He made his very first exhibition in the Künstlerhaus Vienna, Austria. He helped to attract new supporters for BTJ during the exhibition METAmArt (11 december 2011 - 19 february 2012).

He created a 1:1 model of a buried Jumbo Jet.

TIT FOR TAT - Let's Bury the Jumbo Boeing 747!

The police has taken our Jumbo tail fin (Boeing 747) installation. In analogy to the action of the police, we also have organized a sculpture from public space.

The advertising agency of Swiss Int. Air Lines ltd. has helped itself by the idea of Bury the Jumbo and has placed an own tail fin in Kloten, Zurich.

So far... 

You will find the video on the famous newspaper tagesanzeiger too.

The police burnt our tail fin (Boeing 747) - media reactions

The newspaper Tages-Anzeiger reports about the demolition of our tail fin by the police of Zurich.

Tele Züri had the storie in its news.

Let's bury the Jumbo Boeing 747!

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