FM Neuchâtel - Bye-bye Bar at Hubertus

Let's Bury the Jumbo Boeing 747!

BTJ at Atelier Bleifrei, Aarau

We are honored to announce the collaboration with atelier bleifrei, Aarau.

Let's Bury the Jumbo Boeing 747!

Invitation Hyperactivity

Let's Bury the Jumbo Boeing 747!

"You better buy'em while you can..."

The other day, the Captain and Silvana headed for Bangkok to meet Allen Carpenter, our aircraft dealer.

Allen has spot a Jumbo-Jet Boeing 747...

Let's Bury the Jumbo Boeing 747!

T-shirts - special edition FM Neuchâtel

For the action Funeral March Neuchâtel we produce a special edition of T-shirts. We sell them during the trip. The revenue will help to cover the production costs of this action.Sentence: Frances Belser, graphic art: Van Nutt, lettering: Pose, design: Silvana/Captain

Let's Bury the Jumbo Boeing 747!

KOLT prints the route of the FM Neuchâtel

Thanks to KOLT we can't get lost on our way to Neuchâtel.
The magazine has contributed the announcement of our action FM Neuchâtel, which would cost $1'416. Thanks, Yves, for your support!

Let's Bury the Jumbo Boeing 747!


Sponsors for the FM Neuchâtel - update

Beside the delivery of Beer, Striker Beer has offered to co-finance the media campaign. Thanks so much for your support, guys!

The negotiation with Red Bull ends up with a result which is not satisfying. The deal falls through.

Let's Bury the Jumbo Boeing 747!

Funeral March Neuchâtel - update

Urgent needs
For the Funeral March Neuchâtel (25. - 31. July) we are looking for a cameraman, a photographer and a cutter. Join the trip and gain a valuable experience in a spectacular project.

Creative Contributors, so far
has drawn the illustration of the funeral march for the advertisement in KOLT Magazine (see below).
(psychedelic lightshow) will illuminate the tail fin during the hole trip. (video portrait and poll, soon)
Lia Sells Fish
will sing in Solothurn, 29. July.
Claudia Waldner
has invited the local creative scene to organises the spectacle in Aarau. (video portrait and poll, soon)

Sponsors, so far
Striker Beer
donates beer. To disburden the marching crew, they will deliver beer to all the cities. In addition, they kindly offered to do the media work for the Funeral March Neuchâtel. Matter of expense approx. $5'000.
(OK for you? see poll)
KOLT (Kultur Agenda Olten) has designed the advertisement and donates its placement in the print magazine. Matter of expense approx. $1300.
Red Bull has offered dozens of cans to give energy to those who do not drink beer. And specially to those who drink beer.
Donations by new members and community approx. $500.

Thanks for all your support. Hang in there!

Let's Bury the Jumbo Boeing 747!

Illustration of the Funeral March Neuchâtel by Pimpmaster16

Poll: Funeral March Neuchâtel - with Striker Beer and Red Bull

To get as much support as possible we have invited the companies Striker Beer and Red Bull to collaborate with Bury the Jumbo.

We get drinks for free and more (see blog). In return we will promote these drinks in our videos.

Do you agree with this deal?

This poll will end on 30. June 2010.

Let's Bury the Jumbo Boeing 747!

Yes, I agree
90% (9 votes)
No, I don't agree
10% (1 vote)
Total votes: 10

Concept Funeral March Neuchâtel

What a plan!

Please find attached the concept of our next milestone.

Let's Bury the Jumbo Boeing 747!

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