This is Al, aircraft dealer, Bangkok

Long time ago, when BTJ wasn't born yet, we tried to find somebody who sells a Boeing 747. During our research we met Al Carpenter, an aircraft dealer from Bankok. You can check our earlier conversation here.

We contacted Al the other day. We want to visit him in Bankok to get our first piece of a real Jumbo-Jet and bring it to Zurich, Switerland. Zest for action, you know...

Now, we finally have a picture of Al!

Click on the picture to read more.

Let's Bury the Jumbo Boeing 747!

BTJ on air: radio

Livestream: (left side: Live-Stream)
Airtime, May 26, 17:40

If you want to listen to the feature later, it will be stored here.

By the way: after the feature played The Undertaker (My Name is George).

Let's Bury the Jumbo Boeing 747!


Patrick Graf paints

Patrick Graf (Haas & Fischer) is working on his painting, which will be shown at The Volta Show in Basel from June 8-13th, 2009. He allowed me to make a picture of how he works - just for you, guys!

The painting's name is not definded yet. Nonetheless, it will be a milestone in his work, as I think. Hang in there, Patrick, it's just 12 days to go ;)

For more details, click on the picture.

Let's Bury the Jumbo Boeing 747!

BTJ Theme Song Competition ***Top 5 Election***

We had fantastic music (23 Songs!) for our BTJ Theme Song Competition!

1st Round is terminated - the top 5 songs has been elected by our community.

  1. working in the coal mine - Chris (4.3)
  2. The undertaker - My Name is George (3.6)
  3. Airport - Stahlfabrik feat. Jan Moser (3.4)
  4. Bury the Jumbo - Lia Sells Fish (3)
  5. Ballermann am Katzensee - Zugluft (3)

2nd Round (25 May 2009 - tbd): video with the top bands

  • We will now produce a video with each band.
  • The bands can work on their songs

3rd Round (to be defined): The community will choose the winner of the competition!

Let's Bury the Jumbo Boeing 747!

data - temporäre Galerie - May 28-31th 2009

Warmly recommended by Nicole W.:

Let's Bury the Jumbo Boeing 747!

Frances Belser needs our support

Frances Belser is planing a street art action. She wants to run this action in cooperation with BTJ.

The action: Frances creates sentenses (truisms) and prints them on special shopping bags. These bags will be hanged up to many trees in Zurich. People may take them home. On the bags is the BTJ-logo and the sentence "THIS BAG BELONGS TO YOU", too.

To hang up the bags, Frances asks for our help. Attached you find some examples of her truisms. Discuss in our forum, what is your opinion?

Let's Bury the Jumbo Boeing 747! 

Socialising & recruiting

Bury & the Captain hit the nightlife. And hired a new member at the Club Zukunft (Zuki), Zurich.

Just to visualise: Imagine to spot a construction worker in a club. Followed by a captain. And the answer to the question, what's this all about: "we will bury a Jumbo-Jet"! A grand piece of entertainment.

Let's Bury the Jumbo Boeing 747!

Bury, Ramon (new member) and the Captain

photographer wanted: Daniele Kaehr

Daniele Kaehr offerst his talent to shoot the photographes of our BTJ-t-shirts. You can check his portfolio to form your opinion about his work
The poll to vote on him is coming, soon. The e-mail he's sent is attached to this blog (click on the picture). Have fun!

Let's Bury the Jumbo Boeing 747!

photographer wanted

The first Bury the Jumbo-t-shirts will be produced, soon! You will find them on this website.

We are looking for a photographer who takes the pictures of these shirts.
The photographer can feel free to implement the shooting. We will promote his work here. And send him - as a creative contributor - the magnificent Black Pin!

Let's Bury the Jumbo Boeing 747!

Bury the Jumbo Theme Song Contest - vote now!

We have fantastic music (23 Songs!) for our Theme Song Competition!
1st Round (6 May 2009 - May 24 2009): top 5 songs election
2nd Round (25 May 2009 - tbd): video with the top bands
3rd Round (to be defined): it's neck or nothing!

Let's Bury the Jumbo Boeing 747!

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