***Terminated Poll***: Let's Bury the Jumbo in Berlin Tempelhof

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We are invited to present our idea “Bury the Jumbo in Berlin Tempelhof” to the Management Berlin Tempelhof.

All about:

We were talking to Dr. R. P. last week. He’s the man in charge for the strategy and acquisition for the Tempelhof Project. He would like to have a chat with us.

Do you agree to bury the Jumbo in Berlin Tempelhof?

If we have your approval, Bury and the Captain are going to visit Dr. R. P. in Berlin. They will talk about the next steps.

This poll ends October 17, 2012

No, lets find an other place
0% (0 votes)
Yes, let's bury the Jumbo in Berlin Tempelhof
100% (13 votes)
Total votes: 13