Bury the Jumbo Coffin@Art Basel: Video

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The  installation is a manifestation of a universal voice.
The vision of bury the Jumbo on art is one that truly connects to today’s society, globalized, and creolized (changed by exchanging) and is the starting point for todays artists who communicates with their audience, taking from the world, and reloading back to it with its art.

+ ART BASEL 16th of june 2011+ coffin 520kg + length 17.3m + width 4.5m + height 1.55m + heavy pouring rain + 10°C + carried by 22 people + 2km to the entrance of ART BASEL + 1km to Keck-Kiosk + rebuilt as new space + abolished after the existence of 6 hours +

Many thanks to all the Creative Contributors
Christine Hasler
, march Instructions
Frances Belser, quotes
Atelier Bleifrei, Jesus & the undertakers
Playlove, music
Herzdame, love
Los Tigres Tangueros, latin music
Daniel Herran, baby coffin
Duopunkt, poetry
Markus Hegi, Tatentäter

Special thanks to
, Manu and Häne
BeWellness, mobile massage