Gathering at Cabaret Voltaire

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We advertised our project on a public event called "Spatenstich im Dada Haus". Dada Haus, or more precise Cabaret Voltaire, is the place where Dadaism was born in 1916.

After a short performance and introduction by our crew the artist Pirmin Breu sprayed his graffiti on the historic walls. About these walls: In the last picture posted in this story you can see a work of Jonathan Meese, a German action- and performane artist. The red painting in the background. It had a price of about $170'000 if it would be transportable instead painted on the wall. Now Pirmin has to paint it over! It was a breathtaking action for all the attendees to watch Pirmin creating his art. This unique experience of pooling cultural engaged people stands for what this community is all about! Thank you very much for the pleasure.

In connection with this event the gallery Hauser & Wirth Zurich pointed out that some years ago Christoph Büchel, one of their artist persued to bury a plane, too. Well, I will try to find out more about his breakdown.