***TERMINATED**** Poll: The police burnt our tail fin - how to proceed?

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The police has ordered to remove and burnt our tail fin (without trying to get in contact with Bury the Jumbo first.

We have been surprised. Our URL: www.burythejumbo.com was clearly visible on both sides of the tail fin. BTJ’s contact details are in the top level navigation on our web site. We could have moved the installation in 2 hours.

The Law of Switzerland protects our property. For example if you are parking in a no parking area the police is not allowed to burn your car. From our point of view, the act of art demolition was illegal.

We suggested to find a solution without pressing criminal charges to the police, if they would pay the fix cost (CHF 8,000.- to CHF 10,000.-) of the tail fin and would help us to build up a new one. This would have been a good deal for the police. Our art work from more than 20 artists over approximately 2 years is much more worth than CHF 10,000.-. Especially because this piece of art has been exoposed at international art exhibitions. We are a community and we want to bury a real Jumbo-jet as a symbol for our new form of a friendly togetherness. The suggested deal could have been proof of our friendly togetherness. But the police didn‘t accept our offer.

We have advises from 2 advocates from our community to go to court. Even though we have to expect that the police will try to charge us for the placement of the tail fin. They are supporting us. Together we have prepared the following DEMAND FOR A PENALTY

THIS POLL ENDS ON Jan 27 2011.

To press criminal charges against the City of Zurich and try to get $100'000
91% (10 votes)
We forgive the Police for burning our tail fin. We start to collect money to rebuild a new tail fin
9% (1 vote)
Total votes: 11