***BLOCKED*** Competition: You will design the tail fin of a Jumbo Jet Boeing 747

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YOUR TURN to present the Jumbo tail fin to the public.

Design the BTJ Jumbo tail fin. Bury the Jumbo pulled this tail fin (see photo) by own hand from Zurich to Neuchâtel. 150Km in 6 days, see videos "Funeral March Neuchâtel: Diaries 1 - 8".

CONTRIBUTE your idea of how to set in scene the tail fin. Bury the Jumbo will support you to realise it. We will place the installation somewhere in Zurich e.g. Hauptbahnhof, Gemüsebrücke, Escher-Wyss-Platz, Friedhof Sihlfeld or ...
Your proposal will be presented to the community at www.burythejumbo.com. The community will choose the winner by online voting.
You will win:

  • Top 3 proposals will be presented by a video portrait
  •  For the winner: Black Pin
  •  For the winner: Place of honor on the front page (www.burythejumbo.com) as an Creative Contributor


CONTRIBUTE your idea to mail: contributions@burythejumbo.com

Closing date 28th November 2010

Jumbo's tail fin «our narcism is viewable from space» on Saffa Island, Zurich, surrounded by narcissists

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Let's Bury the Jumbo Boeing 747!